Did France Really Ban Work E-Mails After 6 p.m.?

By and on May 14, 2014
Posted In Employment

Several international news sources recently reported that French law now prevents employees from answering their mobile phones or professional e-mails after 6.00 pm (see articles in the Guardian and USA Today, among others). The truth is somewhat less sensational but somewhat more administratively burdensome for certain consulting companies.

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Jilali Maazouz
Jilali Maazouz advises US, European, Asian, Canadian, Middle Eastern and North African multinational corporations on the labor and employment aspects of their French and transactional commercial and corporate transactions, as well as on their restructuring plans, reductions in force, separation agreements, workplace policies, due diligence investigations, audits, top executives' compensation and benefits packages and mobility, and employment contracts engineering. Jilali also focuses his practice on commercial disputes and international trade matters. Jilali represents clients in negotiations, alternative-dispute resolution proceedings and litigation, in a range of civil, commercial, criminal and administrative matters. Read Jilali Maazouz's full bio.

Ludovic Bergès
Ludovic Bergès provides legal counsel on all aspects of French labor and employment law, as well as commercial litigation. He advises French and international companies on all individual and collective aspects of industrial relations, including hiring of employees, secondment/expatriation, termination of employment, relations with staff representatives and due diligence. Read Ludovic Bergès' full bio.




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