Doctor-Patient Relationships and Medical Marijuana: Where Are We Now?

By on February 15, 2023

Recently, President Joe Biden signed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act, which provides a mechanism for industry and academia to access and research cannabis (including marijuana and other cannabis-derived products) without violating the Controlled Substances Act. This legislation creates a pathway for researchers to register with the US Department of Justice to legally conduct scientific research on such products subject to certain requirements. It also creates a system to allow drug manufacturers to legally produce products approved by the US Food and Drug Administration that contain cannabidiol or marijuana for commercial sale. The legislation also includes a doctor-patient relationship provision that permits state-licensed physicians to discuss the “currently known potential harms and benefits of marijuana and its derivatives, including cannabidiol, which may be derived from marijuana or other cannabis products such as hemp, as a treatment,” which may be of significant interest for healthcare providers.

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Brian Malkin
Brian Malkin counsels pharmaceutical and biologic clients on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory matters and intellectual property (IP) law, with an emphasis on patent litigation. His practice at the intersection of FDA- regulated products and patent law makes him a valuable partner to drug manufacturers, biotechnology clients, medical device companies and cannabis companies as they develop new products and protect their innovations though life cycle management, bring their products to market and pursue transactional opportunities.Read Brian Malkin's full bio.




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