Exploring the Virtual Care Policy Landscape One Year Post-PHE

May 11, 2024, marked one year since the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), and not much has changed in Medicare telehealth policy. We are still operating under temporary waivers and flexibilities and, as a result, many pandemic-era virtual care policies are facing a cliff on December 31, 2024. This looms large during a contentious election year in which legislating has grown increasingly difficult.

This +Insight explores the virtual care policy landscape one year after the end of the PHE, and describes the actions Congress and federal agencies must take for such pandemic-era policies to continue.

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Rachel Stauffer
Rachel is a highly experienced government relations and legislative affairs strategist and advocate who is informed by a solid foundation of health policy knowledge. Prior to joining McDermottPlus, Rachel served as the director of policy and government relations for a health IT contractor, where she developed the company’s first strategic plan for government relations. She grew the company’s profile on Capitol Hill by establishing new relationships with key leaders in the federal, state and military health program space. As a result, the company became an authoritative source on a variety of legislative approaches, especially related to veterans’ health. Read Rachel Stauffer's full bio.

Leigh Feldman
Leigh offers clients nuanced health policy and legislative affairs insights informed by more than a decade of experience at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and on Capitol Hill. A skilled legislative and regulatory strategist, Leigh helps clients evaluate health policy proposals and anticipate policy changes. Read Leigh Feldman's full bio.

Julia Grabo
Julia produces comprehensive research and analysis of key federal healthcare policy developments and legislative initiatives. She assists clients with real-time monitoring and analysis of fast-breaking legislative, policy and regulatory developments in Washington, DC. She also coordinates coalition and client collaborations to achieve advocacy and policy goals. Read Julia Grabo's full bio.

Rachel Hollander
Rachel Hollander delivers strategic health policy insights to a broad range of clients across the healthcare and life sciences industries. She provides qualitative Medicare policy, coding, coverage and reimbursement analysis to help her clients overcome strategic and operational challenges in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Read Rachel Hollander's full bio.

Erica Stocker
Erica Stocker is a skilled policy and advocacy professional who has more than 20 years of experience in Washington, DC — including nearly 10 years working on Capitol Hill in health policy and office leadership roles, and more than a decade as a government relations professional and registered lobbyist. Read Erica Stocker's full bio.




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