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Pending Oregon Law Undermines Traditional Physician Practice Structure

In an apparent attempt to shield physician practices from perceived abuses of close association with physician practice management (PPM) companies, a pending Oregon law could undermine a broad range of structures and transactions between physicians and laypersons, including loans, real estate leases, practice sales, national virtual care platforms, investor sponsored practice roll-ups and payor-provider joint ventures.

Oregon House Bill 4130 prohibits several relationships and control structures which would materially constrain the typical PPM structure utilized by hospitals, private equity sponsors, virtual care providers, managed care companies and others to create a more integrated approach to care delivery, to take advantage of efficiencies and, in many instances, simply to operate.

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States Move to Standardize Healthcare Licensing Requirements

Numerous states—including Alaska, Wisconsin, Ohio and Oregon—have been busy finalizing rulemaking and legislation advancing hybrid healthcare models, modernizing licensure infrastructures and incentivizing telehealth. What have these states been up to over the last month?

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