Religious Freedom Restoration Act

A Third Circuit appeals panel upheld the lower court ruling in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. President United States of America et al. No. 17-3752. This ruling grants a nationwide preliminary injunction against the religious and moral exemptions for employers to the ACA’s birth control mandate, so employers may want to take a cautious approach toward

On December 31, 2016, the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas issued an opinion and order in Franciscan Alliance, Inc. et al v. Burwell, which preliminarily enjoins the US Department of Health and Human Services from enforcing, on a nationwide basis, certain portions of the regulations under Section 1557 of the

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5–4 in its highly anticipated Hobby Lobby decision that closely held for-profit corporations do not have to comply with the contraception mandate under the Affordable Care Act if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. The Supreme Court based its decision on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,