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Health Policy Outlook for 2024

By on Feb 21, 2024
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

What are some of the major health policy topics on Congress’s plate this year? In this report, our McDermott+Consulting team looks at some of the most popular topics, including physician payment reforms, site-neutral policies, rural healthcare and Medicaid regulations. Access the report.

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Global Labor and Employment Legal Update

By on Jan 18, 2024
Posted In Employee Benefits, Employment

Following a dynamic 2023 coupled with a continually evolving legal landscape, employers may feel that they are left with more questions than answers. During a recent webinar, McDermott’s employment team took a dive into the most pertinent legal updates of 2023 and shed light on uncertainties to prepare employers for the year ahead. The discussion...

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How to Drive Employee Engagement and Reshape Talent Acquisition

By on Jan 10, 2024
Posted In Employee Benefits, Employment

How can HR professionals elevate their game to attract talent and spearhead innovative strategies? In this ManageHR article, Elizabeth Vassolo, McDermott’s Global Head of Employment Brand, shares her perspective on emerging HR trends, highlights a game-changing project and offers actionable advice. Read more here.

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Top Three Labor Trends to Watch for in Q4 2023

By on Oct 10, 2023
Posted In Labor

As we enter the last quarter of 2023, here are some of the key issues impacting employers: 1. New joint employer standard: More companies will be pulled into union organizing campaigns, contract negotiations and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) proceedings involving their contractors when the NLRB issues a new joint employer rule. 2. Increased NLRB...

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Bipartisan Health Bills Pick Up Steam, but Contentious Debt Ceiling Negotiations Continue

By on May 26, 2023
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

As lawmakers race to put together a debt ceiling deal, Republicans and Democrats are working on healthcare legislation that they believe could have bipartisan support. According to this InsideHealthPolicy article, the potential legislation could include limited site-neutral pay expansions and duals reform. Read more here.

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New 50-State Survey | ID Verification for Telemedicine Encounters

By on Mar 30, 2023
Posted In Digital Health, Health and Welfare Plans

Verifying the identity of a patient prior to delivering telehealth services is important to prevent a range of potential risks, including the creation of fake accounts, insurance fraud and drug abuse/diversion. A growing number of states and health plans require the verification of a patient’s identity. This verification activity has become a standard practice in...

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Digital Health: 2022 Year in Review

By on Mar 21, 2023
Posted In Digital Health

Digital health is one of the fast-growing segments of the healthcare market, with patients, clinicians and regulators increasingly aligned behind digitization opportunities. Over the last three years, patients and clinicians alike have embraced digitally delivered care and telehealth-related flexibilities. In this report, McDermott’s Digital Health team takes a close look at the forces shaping the sector...

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GOP Calls Biden’s Medicare Plans a Tax Hike on Small Businesses

By on Mar 17, 2023
Posted In Health and Welfare Plans

Republican lawmakers are calling the Biden administration’s plan to extend the Medicare trust fund’s solvency a tax hike on small businesses. According to this InsideHealthPolicy article, US House Committee on Ways and Means Republicans say their own legislation would protect Medicare benefits if the country runs against its spending limit. Read more here.

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HIPAA Challenges: State AGs Crack Down on Data Privacy

By on Feb 28, 2023
Posted In Health and Welfare Plans, Privacy and Data Security

Unlike the European Union, the United States does not have a federal data privacy law like the General Data Protection Regulation. State attorneys general, however, are cracking down on data breaches at healthcare organizations, according to this For the Record article. Access the article.

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Texas Judge Rules Against ACA Preventive Care Provisions

By on Oct 11, 2022
Posted In Benefit Controversies, Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

On September 7, 2022, a US district court judge for the Northern District of Texas issued a ruling that preventive care provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requiring private insurance plans to cover drugs that prevent HIV infection at no cost to patients violate religious rights. The ACA requires that private insurers cover certain preventive...

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