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OPM Urged to Commit to Protecting IVF in Federal Health Insurance

Democratic lawmakers recently sent a letter to the US Office of Personnel Management urging the Biden administration to enhance the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program’s in vitro fertilization coverage. The letter comes as some states have signaled an interest in enforcing personhood rights in treatments involving embryos, according to this Federal Times article.

“When you can’t receive the services within a state, obviously it doesn’t do you much good if your [insurance] plan still technically covers them,” said Sarah Raaii.

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Requirements Related to Surprise Billing: Policy Update

The US Departments of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor, and the Office of Personnel Management issued an Interim Final Rule with comment implementing portions of the No Surprises Act, legislation enacted in December 2020 that bars surprise billing beginning January 1, 2022. Under the law, payers and providers (including hospitals, facilities, individual practitioners and air ambulance providers) are prohibited from billing patients more than in-network cost-sharing amounts in emergency and non-emergency circumstances. This IFR establishes regulations defining the payment methodology. The regulation proposes the methodology payers must use to determine cost sharing; the information payers must share with out-of-network providers; the process for submitting and receiving consumer complaints; and the format and details of the notice and consent requirements.

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