IRS Releases Draft Revised Form 5300 and Instructions

By on February 26, 2013

by Anne S. Becker, Natalie M. Nathanson and Brian A. Benko

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently released a draft revised Form 5300 and its instructions.  Form 5300, the Application for Determination for Employee Benefit Plan, is generally used to request an IRS determination that an individually designed retirement plan meets the requirements for tax qualification under Sections 401(a) and 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Because the draft revised Form 5300 contains numerous changes, plan sponsors and their advisors will need to carefully review the revised instructions, once they are finalized, in anticipation of submitting a Form 5300.  Although the IRS did not propose an effective date for the revised Form 5300, it could replace the current version effective for determination letter submissions filed as early as February 1, 2013 (i.e., effective for Cycle C filers).

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