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Jeffrey is a skilled healthcare executive with substantial knowledge of regulatory advocacy and healthcare policies. Jeffrey’s work focuses on issues tied to provider payment and reimbursement as well as quality reporting. He also has significant experience with recent regulatory developments such as the implementation of surprise billing rules. Read Jeffrey Davis's full bio.

Surprise Medical Billing Law ‘Not Working the Way We Want It to Work’

By on May 20, 2024
Posted In Executive Compensation, Health and Welfare Plans

A legislative fix to surprise medical billing is not working the way lawmakers imagined it would work. According to this Politico Pro article, private equity groups are disproportionately benefiting from the No Surprises Act, and the law may inadvertently lead to higher health insurance premiums. Access the article.

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Medicare Coverage of Wegovy Raises Questions Regarding the Affordability and Accessibility of Novel Medications

By , , and on May 15, 2024
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in March that it would allow health plans under Medicare Part D (the Medicare prescription drug benefit) to cover Wegovy and other weight-loss medications if they receive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for an additional medically accepted indication. In Wegovy’s case, the FDA recently approved an additional...

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2024 Chart of Healthcare Regulations

By , , and on Apr 24, 2024
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

During this election year, McDermottPlus is actively monitoring annual regulations that federal agencies are expected to release, as well as “ad hoc” regulations that will be released at the discretion of federal agencies. This chart displays health-related regulations that may be issued this year, organized by federal agency and date of potential release. Access the...

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Doctors Question Medicare Quality Program as More Face Steeper Penalties

By on Nov 28, 2023
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

A Medicare program designed to incentivize high-quality care via physician bonuses is in doubt as providers say it’s caused more trouble than it’s worth. According to this Axios article, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System has created a disparity between bonus winners and losers, and this disparity is only expected to grow. Access the article.

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Surprise Billing Arbitration Is Still a Mess

By on Nov 22, 2023
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

Despite a two-year-old ban on surprise medical billing, insurers and providers are struggling to resolve unpaid claims. In this Axios article, McDermott+Consulting’s Jeffrey Davis offers perspective on the state of the claims resolution process. Read more here.

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Patients May Not Feel Benefits of Medicare Drug Price Negotiations

By on Oct 4, 2023
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans, Uncategorized

The Biden administration recently announced a list of Medicare-covered drugs that will be subject to price negotiations. The administration said the negotiations—a reality thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act—will benefit nearly nine million seniors. However, according to this Insider article, some drug-policy analysts seem unconvinced by the administration’s claims. Access the article.

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An Update on the No Surprises Act

By , and on Sep 28, 2023
Posted In Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

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