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Michael W. Peregrine represents corporations (and their officers and directors) in connection with governance, corporate structure, fiduciary duties, officer-director liability issues, charitable trust law and corporate alliances. Michael is recognized as one of the leading national practitioners in corporate governance law. Read Michael W. Peregrine's full bio.

Why More Companies Are Linking CEO Pay To ESG

By on Dec 27, 2022
Posted In Executive Compensation

An important new governance survey suggests an increasing willingness to consider linking a company’s ESG performance measures to executive incentive compensation. Such a practice would demonstrate a significant corporate embrace of social responsibility principles. But implementing such measures may present boards and their compensation committees with practical implementation challenges. The new survey from The Conference...

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Conversations on Healthcare Governance

By on Dec 13, 2022
Posted In Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation, Fiduciary and Investment Issues, Health and Welfare Plans

In this three-part podcast series focusing on healthcare governance, McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine joins the American Health Law Association to discuss a range of governance issues, including the following: The nature and scope of the fiduciary responsibilities facing board members within nonprofit health systems; Standards of conduct, expectations and the line between governance and management;...

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Insights and Challenges for the Executive Compensation Committee

By and on Nov 30, 2022
Posted In Executive Compensation, Labor

The board’s executive compensation committee is the focus point for many of the extraordinary financial, economic and operating challenges currently facing healthcare organizations. Executive compensation increases are impacted by both an inflationary economy and significant revenue downturn. In addition, the US Department of Justice has identified executive compensation as an important conduit through by which...

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Change Fatigue And Organizational Culture: A Critical Call For Leadership

By on Aug 25, 2022
Posted In Executive Compensation

How can organizations cope with change fatigue in uncertain times? In this Forbes article, McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine draws on historical and present examples to argue that effective leadership starts with the proper tone at the top. “A positive organizational culture may come less easily these days, not because the organization itself is less robust,...

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Trends and Priorities for the Human Capital Committee

By on Mar 10, 2022
Posted In Digital Health, Employee Benefits, Health and Welfare Plans

COVID-19 has not only accelerated dramatic shifts within the healthcare industry, but it has also become a catalyst for change in workforce strategies. In this special report, McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine offers perspective about key trends and priorities for the human capital committee to consider as it plans for the upcoming year and beyond. Access...

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Women and the Pandemic Workplace: Corporate Leadership’s Important New Challenges

By on Nov 16, 2021
Posted In Employment, Labor

While a recent McKinsey and LeanIn.org women and the workplace study pointed to positive gains for women in corporate leadership roles in 2020, women continue to face substantial burdens in their careers. According to this Forbes article, McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine says such burdens pose a “significant threat to the economic and cultural health of...

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Corporate Governance and the Permanency of COVID-19

By on Oct 26, 2021
Posted In Employment

As COVID-19 becomes an endemic threat, corporate officers should accept the fact that the virus will be a permanent enterprise risk for the indefinite future. In this FT Specialist article, McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine says corporate boards should place their focus on business and operational challenges that result from the pandemic. These include: Enhanced workplace...

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Checklists for Your Board’s Executive Compensation Committee

By on Oct 21, 2021
Posted In Employment, Executive Compensation

What questions should a governing board’s executive compensation committee ask itself? According to this August 2021 e-book edited by McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine, committee members should regularly ask themselves questions about executive benefit programs, executive compensation programs, performance priorities and leadership development programs. Access the e-book (Page 10).

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The Questions Your Board’s Human Capital Committee Needs to Ask

By on Oct 12, 2021
Posted In Employee Benefits, Employment, Labor

What questions should a governing board’s human capital committee ask itself? According to this August 2021 e-book edited by McDermott Partner Michael Peregrine, committee members should regularly ask themselves questions about workforce strategy and engagement, outstanding litigation, talent pipeline and management strategy and human capital technology. Access the e-book (Page 8).

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A Tale of Two Workforces, and the Board’s Urgent Challenge

By on Aug 24, 2021
Posted In Employee Benefits, Employment

How should corporate boards respond to the Delta variant? In this Forbes article, McDermott’s Michael Peregrine argues that the way in which a board responds to the challenge may “well define its future credibility on workforce culture concerns.” “The new, Delta-prompted potential for intra-organizational clash is the latest and potentially one of the most significant...

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