Employment Rights Act 1996
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Brexit Update: UK Employment Law Implications

Don’t panic. The United Kingdom will continue to be an EU Member State until procedures are completed for exiting the European Union, which is likely to be at least two years. Until a withdrawal agreement is reached, EU laws and treaties will still apply, including the right for EU nationals to work in the United Kingdom. This means that all current EU-derived employment laws should remain in place for at least two years. Read the full article.

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UK Employment Alert: Flexible Working Flexes

by Katie Clark and James Noble With effect from 30 June 2014, the right to request flexible working has expanded so that it now applies to any employee with at least 26 weeks’ service. Employers should amend their flexible working policy documents to reflect the changes to the regime and plan in advance how they will deal with a possible increase in the number of requests. Read the full article

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