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Increase in UK Employment Protection Awards

The compensation limits on Employment Tribunal awards and certain other amounts payable under UK employment legislation will increase as of 6 April 2014. The key changes are set out below. What Does This Mean for Employers? The changes will take effect on 6 April 2014 and will be applicable to dismissals taking effect on or after that date. It is important for employers to note that: If an employee is given notice prior to 6 April 2014, but the notice period will expire on or after 6 April 2014, the new limits set out above will apply to that dismissal. If an employee's employment is terminated by means of a payment in lieu of notice, the effective date of termination (EDT) is the actual date the dismissal takes effect, plus the amount of statutory notice applicable to the employee, i.e., one week per year of employment, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. If the statutory notice would take the EDT to or beyond 6 April 2014, the new limits will apply. Employers’...

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Qualifying Period for Unfair Dismissal of Employees in the UK to Increase to Two Years’ Continuous Service from April 6, 2012

by Katie L. Clark What is changing? From April 6, 2012, the length of continuous service needed by an employee in the UK to qualify: To bring a standard unfair dismissal claim; and To request a written statement setting out the reasons for his/her dismissal will increase from one year to two years.  Will this affect existing employees? The new two year qualifying period will apply to an employee who commences work on or after April 6, 2012. Employees who are already in employment on April 5, 2012, will not be affected by this change.  They will still be able to bring a claim of standard unfair dismissal if they have at least one year’s continuous service. Employees who transfer to a new employer under TUPE after April 6, 2012, but who were employed by the transferor prior to April 6, 2012, will also be covered by the one year service threshold for standard unfair dismissal. What about employees who are currently being recruited? An...

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