UK Employment Law Round Up: 2011 Learning Points and How we Can Help in 2012

By on February 1, 2012
Posted In Employment

A lot has happened in the area of UK employment law in 2011, and there are many issues to consider as we plan for 2012.  We are pleased to provide a resource of information following a recent webinar, which reflects on key learning points from 2011, and discusses what to look forward to as an employer in the UK in 2012.  Topics include:

  • "Holiday and sick pay"
  • "Abolition of Default Retirement Age"
  • "Recessionary Times"
  • "Did the Bribery Act Mean the End of the “Jolly” in 2011?"
  • "UK Disability Discrimination"
  • "What Does 2012 Hold in Store?"

Click here to view the slides.

Click here to view the full webinar (in audio).

Click here to view the overview brochure.