Join us this Friday, February 8, for an interactive discussion on minimizing liabilities when terminating employees. Rachel Cowen and Brian Mead will talk about workplace investigations, releases and severance agreements.

Our lively 45-minute discussion will tackle the following topics:

  • 5 Best Practices for Termination
  • Tips for Preparing Releases
  • Dos and Don’ts With Benefits

Friday, February

Large fines have recently been imposed against public companies due to using confidentiality provisions that violate whistleblower provisions under federal securities law. Many standard confidentiality clauses in employment agreements, severance agreements, release agreements, non-compete agreements and other employment related agreements will violate these whistleblower provisions. Recently, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations at the

by Sébastien Le Coeur, Jilali Maazouz and Todd A. Solomon.

Multinational companies with employees in France should be aware that terminated employees subject to a non-compete restriction must be compensated during the non-compete period after termination of employment.  Given this legal requirement, non-compete and severance agreements for employees in France must provide for